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9 Best SEO Tools to Boost Your Organic Traffic in 2021

Content marketing and SEO are known as the gold mines in the current era. It is a billion-dollar industry and is growing at a rapid pace. There is a lot of competition in the field. It is the dream of every blogger and website owner to see his website on top of the SERP. But it is not easy to master the art of SEO and the technicalities of content marketing. It requires years of practice and a lot of experience in the field.

Many bloggers get stuck when it comes to finding the most competitive keywords and analysing their website ranking. Here SEO tools optimisation come to their rescue.  These tools help bloggers and content marketers in dealing with all SEO things. Some of these tools are available for free, and most of them are paid ones. But are these SEO tools worth the money? Can they help you in getting organic traffic?

Honestly, not all SEO tools are worth paying for. There are competitive free alternatives available for them. But some SEO tools are game-changers. They boost up your website ranking and serve as your assistance in content marketing. These tools are not only for beginners, but you will find many experts benefitting from them and are their regular subscribers.

If you are a blogger or content marketer, you must be wondering which SEO tools to invest in. We are here at your rescue. Below you will get the list of the 9 best highly recommended SEO tools to boost your organic traffic in 2021. We have compiled the list with a detailed overview of the benefits of these tools and how they can help you in boosting your SEO game.

1. Ahref

ahrefs seo tools

Ahref is on top of our list of best SEO tools and is one of the favorite ones of all content marketing gurus. It provides you with a complete analysis of your competitors, along with a detailed overview of all the keywords used by them. 

Ahref is also a good tool for website audits. If you want to audit your website and need a detailed analysis of its SEO, then Ahref is one of the best tools for it. It will let you know the keywords you are ranking in and the ones you should concentrate on more. It also tells the Domain Rank (DR) and Ahref Rank (AR) of the website.

The best thing is that it has an extensive database of backlinks. It tells you about the number of backlinks and referring domains of any website.

Its keyword explorer feature tells you all about a particular keyword, including its scope, search volume, competition, and difficulty level. Ahref results are highly trusted ones in the SEO world.

The only pitfall of Ahref is that it does not offer any trial period. You have to purchase the tool to experience it. But you can take the risk as it is the best-paid SEO tool and is the number one choice of many successful bloggers.

2. SEMrush

semrush seo tool

SEMrush is a tough competitor of Ahref. This SEO tool is also highly recommended by expert bloggers. Ahref and SEMrush both serve the same purpose, that is keyword analysis and website audit. But this does not mean both tools are the same.

SEMrush is one of the best tools for keyword analysis. It provides a detailed analysis of any given keyword based on its extensive database. It also helps you in tracking the position of your website in SERP.

What makes SEMrush stand out is its comparative feature. It allows you to compare your website with your competitors based on different factors of SEO like Meta details, backlinks, etc.

Moreover, SEMrush serves as your SEM assistant along with managing your SEO. It helps you in tracking your marketing campaigns and in timely evaluating the results. You can further multiply the benefits of SEMrush by connecting it with Google Analytics and Search Console through API integration. This makes it one of the best SEO tools for bloggers.

The good thing is they offer you a one month free trial period. This means you can explore all its features before making your final purchase.

3. Moz Pro

moz pro seo tool

If you need an SEO guide, then Moz Pro is for you. It not only helps you in auditing your website and points out flaws. But also provides recommendations and guidance for improving it.

Moz Pro comes with a crawler that reaches every corner of your website and looks out for issues and problems. It then recommends solutions for fixing these issues. This Moz Pro website crawler is superfast and can audit even larger websites in a few minutes.

Moreover, it helps you understand your audience by tracking your website traffic and analyzing your ranked keywords. It provides in-depth information about how your visitors are reaching your website. And what are their intentions while searching for a particular keyword?

Backlinks are the core of your content marketing, and Moz Pro is your guide and assistant there as well. It helps you in understanding your Page Authority and Domain Authority by analyzing your website backlinks. It also lets you know your spam score, so you know which backlinks are effective and which ones are earning a bad reputation for your website. Moz Pro also helps you in finding new backlinks.

Moz Pro is your ultimate all-in-one SEO optimization tool. It lets you know your website ranking as well as your flaws. It also audits your competitors and helps you rise above all by filling the loopholes left behind by other websites and blogs in your domain.

You can avail all Moz Pro tools, free for the next 30 days as a trial. And can make your purchase when you are convinced. Amazing, right? So what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today!

4. Woorank

woorank seo tool

Woorank is next on our list of highly recommended SEO tools for analyzing your website and boosting your business.  This tool is an asset for both bloggers and people providing content marketing services.

This SEO tool is famous for its SEO audit reports. Whether you need to analyze your own website or investigate your competitors, Woorank is your best option. It provides a detailed overview of all the SEO factors and marks errors and mentions areas that need improvement.

Moreover, Woorank allows you to customize its audit reports with your company logo and choice of template. If you are providing your services as an SEO expert, you can use these reports to send to your clients and let them know the flaws and errors in their websites. These technical audit reports by Woorank help you build your authority as a content marketing expert.

Woorank is a good platform for finding new opportunities to grow and excel. It not only helps you in analyzing your organic traffic via your existing keywords, but also reveals hidden opportunities. You can explore new areas and horizons to work with its keyword research and tracking tool.

If you want to further explore this audit expert SEO tool, avail its 14 days free trial. You can end your membership within the trial period without paying anything if you are not satisfied with the service.

5. Google Search Console

seo search console

Google search console is a must-see SEO tool for your websites and blogs. After all, who can provide you better analysis and insight into your website traffic than Google itself?

It is the best free SEO tool that is available for everyone with a website or blog. All you have to do is insert your unique search console code in your website, and Google will track it for you. The best thing is that only you can track your website through the Google search console, and no one else can get access to these insights.

Google Search Console tells you all about your website traffic. It shows you how many people are visiting your website daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. It also categorizes your visitors geographically. This helps you in understanding how well your content is reaching your targeted audience.

Moreover, this tool lets you know all the keywords for which you are ranked on Google. This further helps you in targeting better and more focused keywords.

Apart from your website analysis, the Google Search Console also helps you update your index in Google. You can instantly remove any article from Google index through Google Search Console without waiting for days.

The only drawback of Google Search Console is that it does not provide you any competitive analysis. There is no website ranking given by Google Search Console. And it does not support any insight into competitors’ websites. It is actually a confidential report that is available only for blog owners and managers. You need to pair Google Search Console with other SEO tools for better optimization of your website.

6. KWFinder (By Mangools)

Seo tools

SEO is all about getting on top of Google search. And this could be done by providing quality content and targeting and ranking on the most suitable keywords. Here KWFinder comes to your rescue and helps you in finding the best topics, to begin with.

KWFinder is an ideal tool for beginners. It helps the bloggers in finding long-tail keywords with low difficulty levels. These keywords often have good search volume and lesser competition. This way, it assists new sites in getting ranked on Google.

Moreover, this tool also provides an analysis of different websites. You can search the popular websites in your niche through KWFinder and look out for the trending topics.

Furthermore, KWFinder also provides you the search volume history of a keyword. This way, you can check the trend of any given keyword in the past few months and past few years. This gives you a clear picture of the long-term and short-term trends of your keyword.

You can also search keywords trending in a particular region through KWFinder. This helps you in targeting the right content for the right audience. 

All in all, it is one of the best SEO tools for bloggers when it comes to niche selection and keyword research. But this tool alone is not enough for all SEO services. You need to pair it with other competitive SEO tools.

7. Serpstat

If you are looking for an expert-level data extractor and growth tracker, then Serpstat is for you. It is among the top SEO tools recommended and used by social media marketing agencies and SEO teams.

Serpstat provides you a complete insight into Search Engine Research Pages (SERPs). It not only helps you in extracting data of local searches but also tells you the SERP history. You get a clear insight into how and where a particular keyword is searched on Google. And how the traffic was distributed among different domains.

Moreover, Serpstat also provides information about which keywords are grouped together by the search engine. These details help you in better understanding the content requirement of your targeted audience.

Serpstat is your ultimate search engine analyzer. It tells you everything that is happening in the SERP, from trending searches to market fluctuations. This growth tracker helps you keep a close eye on which domains are ranked on top of the search engine and which ones are losing their authenticity.

The best thing is that you can try Serpstat for free and experience its features before opting for a paid membership. So create your account today on Serpstat and gain deep insight into SERP secrets.

8. LinkMiner (By Mangools)

If you want to learn all about backlinks, then LinkMiner is for you. It is a powerful backlink tracker tool that helps you understand how big names in the industry get links for their websites.

Finding the best sources for getting backlinks for your website is not easy. But with LinkMiner, you can explore a list of best resources for linking your website. Moreover, you can also save your favorite ones with this link tracker tool.

Apart from that, LinkMiner not only shows you the links of the websites and resources that have given backlinks to your competitors, it also shows the anchor text on the relevant website.

This powerful backlink tracking tool is both your assistant and guide. It helps you in digging and finding resources for getting relevant backlinks for your website. And it also helps you in learning tricks and techniques for getting powerful backlinks.

LinkMiner is one of the best SEO tools from the trusted name of Mangools. It comes with a 10 day free trial period so that you can explore and experience it before investing your money.


UbberSuggest is another keyword tracking tool. This tool is from Neil Patel, one of the top 10 marketers in the world. His site is full of free guides for benefitting bloggers and marketers. And this tool is also one of his efforts to help people in growing their businesses and websites.

Though this tool provides free related keyword research for any topic or domain, some features need payment. You can get the complete list of all keyword ideas, with search volumes and difficulty levels, only through paid version. But don’t worry, you can still avail the 3 free searches each day with a limited number of keyword suggestions.

Moreover, Ubbersuggest also provides you domain overview and lets you know the keywords used by your competitors. It also provides ideas for creating new content in your given niche.

Though the name of Neil Patel is itself enough to trust this tool, you can avail free 7 days trial of their paid membership to see what you are missing out on in the free version.

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Concluding Remarks

Content marketing is a rapidly growing industry and is evolving with each passing day. You must keep yourself updated with the latest trends and happenings in the field to be a successful blogger. SEO tools are of great importance in the current era, where things are changing rapidly.

While selecting your SEO tool, you must pay attention to several things, like the services offered by the toolmakers, reviews, recommendations, and of course, the cost.

A reliable SEO tool is one with a good number of users and is recommended by experienced people.

Some SEO tools claim to be all-in-one solutions for all your SEO needs. But it is always a good idea to use multiple tools for getting authentic results and better analysis.

Cost is one main factor in choosing an SEO tool as these tools are not like the regular software that you buy once and enjoy lifetime access. These are online tools, and you need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. Mostly you need these SEO optimization tools every now and then to analyze the latest changes in our niche. So it is preferred to go for a yearly plan as it is usually more economical than a monthly subscription plan.

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