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The Best SEO Tool for YouTube Video Optimisation – TubeBuddy Review 2024

With the changing SEO Tool for YouTube Video trends of the 21st century, it has become possible to optimize your YouTube videos by using TubeBuddy successfully. You must be thinking about what TubeBuddy is? Thus, to answer your query, we are here with all the essential information that will help you understand what TubeBuddy is and how it works.

Unlike other video-oriented SEO tools, TubeBuddy is quite helpful and user-interactive. It takes only a while to learn the basics of the tool, and if you want to master yourself at TubeBuddy, then the matter is just a few days. Before going into detail, let’s get an overview of what we will get by reading today’s article on TubeBuddy review (SEO Tool for YouTube Video).

TubeBuddy SEO Tool for YouTube Video Review 2024 – Overview

The central theme of today’s article is about:

  • What is TubeBuddy?
  • What are the features of TubeBuddy?
  • Pros and cons of TubeBuddy
  • How to get more subscribers on YouTube?
  • How to get more views on videos with TubeBuddy?
  • Thumbnail optimization through TubeBuddy
  • How TubeBuddy helps to make descriptions, titles, and tags more optimized?
  • Frequently asked questions about TubeBuddy.

And in the end, we will conclude our article by giving our verdict about the functionality of TubeBuddy. So, without any delay, let’s get on to exploring TubeBuddy.

What is TubeBuddy?

As it is much clear from the word, TubeBuddy is one of the most successful SEO Tool for YouTube Video that allows you to optimize your videos to a great extent. It is a certified optimizing accessory that you can get through Chrome extension to connect it with your YouTube account.

The Best SEO Tool for YouTube Video Optimisation

Once you install TubeBuddy and log in to your account, you link your YouTube channel with TubeBuddy, and it gets upgraded in seconds. It is fair to say that TubeBuddy gives a new horizon of YouTube where things become more evident, and you get a broader perspective. With a wide range of tools and features, TubeBuddy allows one to make descriptions, titles, and tags of the videos optimized. It also helps you to create attractive thumbnails to improve watch time per impression. More than that, its keyword ranking tool assists you to rank your video at the top of the searches.

TubeBuddy was launched in 2014, thousands of YouTubers are using it to create compelling content. Interestingly, experts strongly recommend using TubeBuddy to generate income and attract an audience on YouTube.

Features of TubeBuddy Best SEO Tool for YouTube Video

Believe it or not, but TubeBuddy has more than 60 features on its platform to provide a considerable boost to your YouTube videos. Almost every part or tool that is available at TubeBuddy is programmed according to the YouTube algorithm. Though the features of TubeBuddy are numerous, we would like to mention the most highlighted ones in our review article.

Keyword Explorer SEO Tool for YouTube Video

The primary aim of YouTube is to provide the things that people are exactly looking for. Keywords play an essential role in generating traffic and getting more views on your videos. If your video’s title is packed with good keywords, there are higher chances for the video to appear at the top searched results. Similarly, TubeBuddy works on the same principle to rank your video by providing the most matching-queries.

SEO Tool for YouTube Video

At keyword explorer of TubeBuddy, you write a keyword or key phrase and receive results about your suggested keyword.

Suggested Tags SEO Tool for YouTube Video

The second most impressive feature to use in TubeBuddy is the suggested tags. Suggested tags are pretty helpful in optimizing the titles and keywords of a video before uploading. They provide you with an idea to target your audience correctly so that your video should get more and more views.

SEO Tool for YouTube Video

Thumbnail Generator SEO Tool for YouTube Video

As mentioned earlier, if you want to make your thumbnails to grab attention, then make full use of TubeBuddy’s thumbnail generator. It is known to everyone how critical thumbnails are when you search for anything on YouTube. Thus, this feature lets you get fantastic ideas for your videos and is relatively easy to use instead of making thumbnails on Photoshop.

SEO Tool for YouTube Video

Video A/B Testing SEO Tool for YouTube Video

One of our favourite features while we were testing TubeBuddy, is the video A/B testing. The feature is worth it, and once you start using it, there is more probability of getting a considerable number of views on your YouTube videos. But, how does it work?

SEO Tool for YouTube Video

The whole procedure on which video A/B testing works is pretty straightforward. When you open this tool, it compares the thumbnails and titles of the same video and provides you with info on which one will perform better. When you provide two different thumbnails and labels for the same video, TubeBuddy changes them automatically to see which one is getting more views.

Videolytics SEO Tool for YouTube Video

Now, let’s discuss the last but not the least feature of TubeBuddy SEO Tool for YouTube Video, famously known as videolytics. As the name suggests, videolytics acts similar to analytics, where you get a detailed report of a product’s performance. In TubeBuddy, videolytics allows you to get an overview of your YouTube video by giving a set of valuable data. The data includes vital information like tags used for videos, SEO, watch time per impression, and channel stats.

SEO Tool for YouTube Video

When you open your YouTube account with a videolytics panel, you can easily see statistics such as engagement, watch time, and much more. More than that, through videolytics, you can compare the performance of your video with any video you want to.

Pros of TubeBuddy

  • TubeBuddy is YouTube certified
  • It has a 100% free version
  • Helps to master YouTube SEO
  • Suggested keywords and key phrases
  • Easy to use
  • Best for both the beginners and professionals
  • TubeBuddy offers a 30-day free trial
  • It provides keywords and thumbnails ideas
  • TubeBuddy has a dedicated section for suggested tags

Cons of TubeBuddy

  • Productive features are available in the paid version.
  • TubeBuddy only allows one license per channel for optimization.

How to get more subscribers on YouTube?

Gaining subscribers with TubeBuddy on your YouTube channel is one of the fundamental objectives for which TubeBuddy is used. Thus, to get more subscribers, the best tool is TubeBuddy.

Here a question arises: how can you get more subscribers? Well, the answer to this question is straightforward. Your videos and their content quality are the core sources that could grab the audience’s attention. However, TubeBuddy, through its features, helps you optimize your content for YouTube and generate more traffic. Thus, there are high chances of getting more subscribers in less time.

How to get more views on videos with TubeBuddy?

It would be fair enough to say that the primary function of TubeBuddy is to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos. TubeBuddy and most of its features function according to the YouTube algorithm. Thus, when you link your channel with TubeBuddy, it automatically gives suggestions and lets you make vital changes to your videos’ tags, keywords, and thumbnails.

The formation of keywords, key phrases, and generating outstanding thumbnails assure content creators that more views will be on their YouTube videos.

SEO Tool for YouTube Video

With several tools like Click Magnet, Keyword Planner, Thumbnail Generator and SEO Suite, there is no excuse to get fewer views if you use TubeBuddy.

Thumbnail Optimization Through TubeBuddy

Many people ask how TubeBuddy assists when it comes to the making of thumbnails. As discussed earlier in the article, TubeBuddy offers a feature called Video A/B Testing. This feature allows one to change unattractive thumbnails into somewhat exciting or attention-grabbing ones.

When you use TubeBuddy for thumbnail optimization, it lets you create influencing thumbnails so that there will be an increase in the click-through rate of the videos.

How TubeBuddy helps to make descriptions, titles, and tags more optimized?

YouTube SEO optimization is one of the top reasons why experts recommend using the TubeBuddy for effective and positive outcomes in time. At TubeBuddy, if you want your videos to become SEO optimized, in terms of YouTube, then the use of keyword planner, suggested tags, and click magnet is highly advised.

When you enter a keyword for your video in keyword explorer, the keyword suggestion panel provides a list of optimized tags and rates for the keyword you consider for your videos.

TubeBuddy: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: Is it safe to use TubeBuddy?

Absolutely yes. There is no need to get worried when using TubeBuddy because it is a YouTube certified tool for video optimization. Since 2014, when TubeBuddy was launched, thousands of YouTubers have been using the device and getting several benefits from its features. In short, TubeBuddy is 100% safe to use.

  • Q: Does YouTube recognize TubeBuddy?

YouTube recognizes TubeBuddy because it is certified by it. Once you install the TubeBuddy through Chrome or Firefox extension, TubeBuddy automatically embeds it into the dashboard of your YouTube account.

  • Q: Can I have multiple channels per license with TubeBuddy?

As mentioned earlier in the cons of TubeBuddy, it is probably the only disadvantage that you can find in TubeBuddy. You can only have one channel per license, no matter whether your version is free or paid.

  • Q: Is TubeBuddy expensive?

As far as we have used TubeBuddy, we found that the freemium version of TubeBuddy is somehow optimum as it covers the basic requirements of video optimization. TubeBuddy is perhaps the only YouTube SEO optimization tool that offers a 100% free version.

However, when you purchase a package from TubeBuddy, you get several benefits like Pro tools, SEO Suite, A/B testing, and much more.


In conclusion, it is clear to everyone that TubeBuddy is indeed the best SEO optimization tool that you can use for YouTube videos. Moreover, you can use TubeBuddy for channel growth in terms of both the subscribers and views. Thus, we suggest that if you have any plan to kick off your YouTube journey professionally, rely on the world’s best YouTube SEO tool, which is TubeBuddy.

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