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30 Free SEO Tools to Help with your Marketing

SEO tools will offer all data and alerts to increase your website health and success. But, these tools are costly, so most people look for Free SEO Tools that meet their search traffic goal. Therefore, we have collected the top 30 Free SEO Tools that will Help with your Marketing.

 This SEO tool list will assist you with Research, Keyword Research, Links, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, On-page SEO, Analytics, Rank Checking, Site speed, and WordPress SEO. Let’s take a glance at free SEO tools 2021

1 Google Analytics

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If you want to measure SEO reports for free (FREE SEO TOOLS), Google Analytics is a great option. It provides you all data about users’ experiences and suggests qualities to coming users back. It is almost impossible to boost your website without this too. In addition, this tool provides facultative data about website traffic, traffic sources, traffic location, and other demographics.

Besides this, it tracks landing page quality, lead generation, downloading files, sales, page view, and all traffic reports. Overall, it goes in-depth about your website and provides all details of which ways are practical for your website and not.

2 Google Search Console

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Google Webmaster Tools or search console is a free tool for web admins. You can check your website’s health index. It will help you prevent your website insights, including visibility, indexing status, and backlinks. It is a powerful tool that you need to understand visitors’ behaviours. It will assist you in Checking sitemap, Googlebot crawled rate, users keywords search, searched block pages, and last but not least, penalty notifications. So, if you want to rank your website in google search engine with excellent performance, you should buy this best SEO tool for web admins.

3 Bing Webmaster Tools

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If you want to compete with your competitors, Bing Webmaster Tools will be a great choice. These best SEO tools consist of a Keyword Analysis tool, Ranking tool, trends, SEO analyzer, Technical SEO, Link Building, and removal tool. In addition, these tools come with unique features that boost your website on Bing SERP.

You can search for excellent keywords for your site. Not only assist you in finding keywords, but it should also provide you 10% traffic from Bing as it is the second-largest traffic provider. Overall, it is a gift of many tools on a single dashboard. Is it not exciting to use such excellent tools for free?

4 Google Keyword Planner

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It is also known as the “Google Keyword Tool.” It is one of the most well-known tools for keywords research. This best keywords tool provides you a great list of keywords but also assists you in deciding a unique keyword for you. It finds those keywords that users mostly search. It gives you detailed information through search volume per area. With an entered keyword, you can also explore related keywords search books per month. You need to join your “Google Ads account” to enjoy this best free tool. Overall, it is a great tool to increase the health of your website. (FREE SEO TOOLS)

5 SEMRush

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This prolific keyword research FREE SEO tools offers multi-beneficial tasks for your website SEO. It consists of a Ranking, keywords analysis tool, links adjusting and removal devices, and unique keywords finding tools. In addition, its services include 

PPC traffic efforts, SEO, content creation, and constructing social media strategy.

If you want a high-quality whole phase SEO leverage, conduct SEO Audit, analyze competitor keywords, ranking site tracking, and much more. Besides this, it finds new ideas for traffic generation and goes in-depth for your website’s excellent performance.

6 Copyscape

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If you want to check the content health of your website, Copyscape is a great free SEO tool. It is imperative to check your website’s health and content fitness because a plagiarism-free website ranks instantly on the google search engine. Copyscape, the best plagiarism checker, analyses exact words compared to other sites and finds plagiarised content in detail. Furthermore, Copyscape examines whether your content is unique or not and makes sure others do not plagiarise it. Therefore, its checked content directly affects SEO health. You can use ten connections of Copyscape for free for thousands of words. Besides this, you can also use premium Copyscape for more effective and healthy content.

7 Moz Free Tools

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If you want to use a kit of unique tools, MOZ is a great option. It comes with inbound marketing tools that offer a total package of SEO for your website. This online software set eases your work to check the actual SEO status for your website. It analyzes web performance, finds keywords, finds links, and analyzes it, and listing analysis. You can enjoy multiple benefits by creating a free Moz community account. You can also find the metrics link to your website. On Moz, you can see, following free SEO tools.

Keywords tools

Moz finds target keywords for your website. It finds LSI and exact critical terms for your business.

On-site explorer

It provides you the opportunity to build unique links. It tracks your website profoundly and analyzes your website by making connections and competing with your website.


This chrome extension explores instant search metrics, PA, DA, and each page metrics for your website.

My Business Console

It assists you with Google My Business admin management data uniquely and provides you great ideas to add, edit and finish different features from your website.

My Business Listing

This tool shows you local SEO listings and directions. It also provides you ideas to improve the local SEO level for your website.

8 SEO Prompts

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If you want to Hack SEO for free without spending much money and time, SEO prompts a great tool to provide you all data for novices and beginners SEO tasks. It offers you daily 15 minutes, search engine optimisation tasks. It is one of the great tools to boost your business to a high ranking. It is not only a tool; it works as your SEO project manager. At the start, it isn’t easy to use it, but when you become used to it, it is easy to handle and use it.

9 SERPWatcher

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If you want to analyse your article condition on a specific keyword in Google SERP, you should use SERPWatcher, which is also considered an excellent tool for SEO ranking. It is a prolific rank tracker of your blog posts. It is unique from other tools by providing 100% accurate power and exact condition of your blogs. It is one of the modern generation hybrid free SEO tools that give you detailed information that you want about a specific location. This free SEO checker provides a great user experience by facilitating your campaign. You can read the manual on the tool and use it accordingly. Overall, it offers an excellent SEO packet in one platform.

10 Schema Generator

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Schema Markup Generator is a 100% SEO tool for creativity. This best tool, 2021, creates free schema codes and adds them to your website, so it becomes proof of the authenticity of your website on SERP. In addition, it offers a depth of information to increase user experience.

It uses JSON-LD Schema that is authentic JavaScript on the page. The Schema Generator provides a great setting in order of reviews, events, and special remarks. Besides this, it assists you in creating any code to use on your website. Is it not exciting to rank your website on SERP.

11 Google Correlate Tool

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This high-class keyword-generating SEO tool came close to google trends to your website. If you want to explore hidden keywords, Google co-relate tool is a great choice. By following unique keywords, you can generate excellent content for your site. In contrast, if you want to follow a trending topic for your site, Google co-relate helps you in-depth about that topic and creates uniqueness as a powerful SEO tool. It is headlining SEO campaigns. First of all, it finds potential keywords with related terms according to any region and time. Then, it finds suitable words that are considered pillars of any SEO. Then, according to users’ interests, it offers you a website content strategy.

12 Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

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If anyone wants to rank your website with the best performance, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools are a free but great option. It monitors the site’s SEO health, Checks 100+ SEO issues and views backlinks, sees ranked keywords, checks traffic of your website, searches internal linking opportunities, and checks the broken links, on-page elements, and redirect chains. You can enjoy SEO features for free, but you should create an Ahrefs account to check SERP SEO metrics. It is a free Firefox and chrome extension to highlight no-follow links for your webpage. On-page SEO creates a title, Meta description, Headers, Word count, OG tags, Hreflang tags and makes ON page SEO much more manageable.

13 Yoast SEO

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If you need to optimize your site for search engines, the Yoast SEO tool is a great option. You need to enter the main keyword; Yoast SEO will guide you to optimize your blog post for search engines. As compared, if you are a beginner in the SEO world, the Yoast tool will magnificently guide you. It shows you your blog post readability and its boosting.

If your on-page SEO is alright, it will guide you to rank at a primary search engine. However, Ranking depends upon domain and page authority, but Yoast plays the central role for site boosting. Due to its high-quality features, Yoast SEO has 5 million active users, and this number is increasing day by day.

14 Google Trends

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If you want to know your search popularity, Google trend is a great option. Google trend is a popular tool that exposes the popular searches with the season. To see how popular this topic is, google trend deeply analyze it. If you want to catch the trending issues and exciting searches by people, Google trend is a matchless choice.

15 Google XML Sitemaps


If you want to develop your website SEO, Google XML Sitemap is a great option. This WordPress plugin offers a special XML sitemap that is SEO-friendly for your website. Of course, it is not easy to use any free tool for SEO, but this best free SEO tool for 2021 assists you to rank your website on index sites such as Google, Bing, etc. But you can use it for the Yoast SEO plugin. Of course, it would help if you had a simple website URL, and it will create a sitemap that you can upload anywhere, especially Bing Webmaster Tools and Google search console.

16 Google PageSpeed Insights


If you want to check your website loading speed and its performance, Google PageSpeed Insights checks your site speed on desktop and mobile. After this, it marks grades for your site from 0 to 100. These metrics show how much your site takes time to load on any gadget and further provide guidelines for your website improvements.

Many popular web development teams use this best SEO tool 2021 to check their website condition. This toll provides 1005 accurate data that you can make actionable changes to improve your website condition. Its facilities include:

  • Measuring page loading time.
  • Comparing loading time.
  • Finding new ways to improve website condition and checking website views on mobile and desktop.

17 Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

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If you want to show up your website on any gadget or mobile phone, google supports you to show up your site on mobile. Nowadays, the world is getting more thoughtful and more innovative, and everyone has a smartphone, so most of them don’t even bother to open a laptop and communicate on smartphones. That’s why the sites designed with a mobile view win more traffic and more sales. Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool offers you to enter a URL, and it will fix all your site issues quickly in an expert way.

18 Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer


This Adwords Robot creation is considered one of the best SEO tools to block spam. It plays a crucial role in making your data pure and clean while making it 100% plagiarism-free. There are daily huge traffic visits to your website and take data to use on their website. This type of click is not dangerous and can affect the pureness of your site. Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer make sure to make your data pure and unique from other sites,

19 SimilarWeb


If you want to analyze your competitor’s website, this powerful SEO tool creates many opportunities for you to generate and hack analytics. Such strategies 100% improve your business promotion. If you are an agency and want to check the traffic stats of your competitors and want to know your growth factor, this unique chrome extension helps you check your competitor’s website and search for new methods to develop your business. It analyzes all SEO insights.

20 CSSChopper Responsive Test Tool


If you want to test the pixel perfection of your website and each aspect of the design of your site, CSSChopper Responsive Test Tool is an excellent choice by the CSSChopper enthusiastic development team. It uploads images in PNG, GIF, TIF, and JPG formats. It checks responsive web design, and you can use your web URL to measure the condition of your website. It uses 240X320, 320X480, and many parameters to check your website design.

Before starting any website, it is necessary to design a good-looking website. If your website is well designed, visitors can easily find and read your data to get more traffic. A free CSSChopper tool allows you to check that your website is on the right track or not. After scanning, you can check which reforms need your website. Overall, this best SEO tool allows you to show your website how it looks on tablets, Iphones, laptops, and much more.

21 Penguin Tool


These Google SEO tools allow you to increase your search traffic by analyzing the Google search algorithm changes. For example, your website de ranks due to changes in google update, but this free SEO tool allows you to adjust your site according to Google algorithm, and you can fix it if any issue is found. It also searches how much Google changes impact your site. Overall, penguin tools do SEO Strategy, Content Strategy and its Development, Digital PR, Technical Auditing, Competitor and Market Analysis, Local SEO, website management, and much more.

22 Screaming Frog


Screaming frog is one of the modern tools that Crawl your site to check for SEO errors. If you have just started a new location, it will be a great tool. It provides you with facility details to access your website to analyze the mistakes and make recent decisions. From page title to meta description, Screaming Frog crawls the depth of your website and finds broken links. Also, remove duplicate pages from your website. Besides this, it finds HTTP header errors, crawl mistakes, and does all reformation for free for your website.

23 Mangools- The Juicy SEO tools suite


Many great companies or Biggies such as Skyscanner and Alexa use Mangools for the SEO of their sites. This modern tool is free and allows its users to enjoy premium features too. It is a challenging task to find a healthy keyword, and if you are running a business and want to start your site, non-relative keywords can lower your site. Mangools offers such tricks that you can search with less SEO difficulty and low competition keywords. In addition, it provides your long-tail keywords and short keywords to boost your business. This tool is great for new entrepreneurs; however, it limits your search three times per day.

24 Data Studio

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If you want to merge data from different sources such as Google Analytics, search console, data studio allows you to create a meaningful visualization. Many business owners, agencies learn in which way they visualize data to gain insights. It will enable you to be aware of how data will help you create reports of your site and collaborate with teammates. Data studio offers you information about design compelling messages so you can share them with anyone.

25 Redirect Path


Redirect Path is a chrome extension that flags different status codes such as 302, 404, and 301 HTTP. If you want to solve any redirect issue, redirect the Path redirects client-side such as meta and JavaScript flagged. Overall, it immediately uncovered any redirects problem. If you want to display HTTP Headers, caching headers, and server’s IP address, redirect Path done it at one click. Besides this, you can also copy all such information on your clipboard and share it with anyone.

26 Page Outil


It is troubling to use the Google Search Console. But page Outil ensures that you can quickly check page-by-page data and check keywords date page by page. Furthermore, page Outil optimised hi tags and the title of the topic to rank your site. If you study each page manually, it takes hours for you, but page Outil allows you to check your data through GSC with three simple steps, and you can go through each page.

27 Robots.txt generator


The business wants to instantly create the correct robots.txt file to allow the search engine to crawl into the website. Robots.txt Generator will be a great idea to generate and customize their file. This best tool is offered by Yellow-pipe Internet Services to create files for free. You can put that file in your home directory that shows all necessities needed within the pages of a site. The robot surefire did not work with particular instructions in the file. However, Google bot checks all the pages having malware functions or security issues as it is the most powerful tool.

28 SEOptimer Free Tools


If you want an improved SEO marketing for your website, SEOptimer allows you to use various tools to optimize SEO. This free SEO tool comes with ten instruments: URL Shortener, Broken Link Checker, Meta Tag Generator, Ping Tester, W3C Validator, and XML Sitemap Generator.

These ten unique tools allow your site to optimize SEO. This tool has various browser extensions, such as chrome extensions, Opera browsers and much more. After using this best SEO tool, your site meets all SEO requirements to rank on different search engines.

29 SEO Plugin By Squirrly


If you use SEO Squirrly, we are hopeful that you will not use any other tool. However, if you are new to the SEO WordPress blog, you can easily use this tool to SEO your website. It will fix all necessary elements and issues of your website. Besides SEO, it will plan content strategy, site analytics, and site ranking.

This WP plugin helps your site to load faster, from the frontend and the backend. This SEO tool kit does all the necessary SEO needs of your site, including social media. After sign up for this extension, you can use it freely in your WordPress and enjoy all SEO 

features. You can also do keyword research, optimize content and go in-depth with your site SEO.

30 HEADMaster SEO


It is a complete SEO software package or a small desktop program that checks all URLs in bulk for status code, headers, redirect details, response time, and much more. So, if you need to get accurate results to build broken URLs and export your CSV, HEADMaster SEO is a great tool to meet all your requirements.


These are free SEO tools 2021 that will save you essential time and money. If you want to see your website at the top of the Google search engine, these SEO tools will help you a lot for free. However, to enjoy more features, you can go to a premium option of these tools. Read more in the Homepage

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