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Optimizing Landing Pages for Google Ads -Which is a Best Practice For Optimizing Landing Pages for Google Ads?

If you have a website, you definitely want to optimize it for google ads to earn some extra bucks. And here, your landing page is of great importance. If you too want to optimize the landing page of your website for Google Ads, then we are here to assist you.

The one and only goal for landing pages is to convert your visitors into your consumers. But the actual query is how to do it. As there is too much information on every page of the internet. 

After going through some of the successful practices for landing page optimization, we have gathered the top eight ways. So let’s dive in and make your landing pages optimized for Google Ads most effectively.

How to Optimize a Landing Page for Google Ads?

Here is the guide that can help you to optimize the landing pages of your site for Google Ads:

Use Relevant Keyword

People clicking on your website via Google Ads will not be impressed if they do not find what they are looking for. Instead, use the focused keyword approach for your landing page. Also, keep an exact keyword match in the marketing campaign option. 

For instance, if you are looking for organic Aloe Vera oil. Then your website link on the search engine advertisement section must directly lead visitors to the landing page of organic Aloe Vera oil. And not any other relevant Aloe Vera products, like Aloe Vera cream, colon, or spray. 

Do not make the visitors think that how did I end up here? Because annoyed visitors not only leave your site but also increase the bounce rate of your website. This, in turn, will damage your website’s reputation in the search engine for the long run.

Optimize Written and Visual Content

When you write the content for a website, you must make it understandable by the search engine and load fast enough to make visitors stay on your page. And how are you going to do that? The answer is, keep it simple and to the point. Make it convincing, relevant, and concise with attractive minimalistic visuals.

Complex and long-form content is generally not preferred by both – people and search engines. In fact, any search engine won’t think that your content is relevant or even valuable to its user. And as a result, your landing page quality score will get lower while increasing the cost of CPC (cost-per-click).

Plus, if your visual content is not relevant or poorly designed, then your visitors might leave, even if they get the solution to their problem here. So, you have to pay attention to optimizing your content while keeping it minimalist for visitors and concrete (make a point) for the search engine.

Landing Page Design

The designing of landing pages is another crucial factor as it is different from the conventional website designs. A killer landing page must have: 

● Relevant keyword headline 

● Visual of the product 

● Benefit statement

● Product features

● And Call-To-Action (CTA) button 

Adding social proof such as reviews or testimonials of the product/service by users makes your content even more persuasive. It leads the visitors to convert them into your consumers much faster than the pages without any product comments.

However, beware of putting too much pushy content. As it might make your visit a bit annoyed. So, try to keep the balanced content that contains relevant information, highlight the plus point and sprinkle the persuasive content all over the landing page.

Landing Page Pricing Section

The pricing section must be concise yet contain relevant details about the pricing of the service or product. If your landing page has multiple packages, create a side-by-side listing of features with prices prominently highlighted at the bottom. 

But if you have a single product on the page, then prominent its features and highlight the pricing at the side of the product. The idea is to make it less scrolling for your visitors in case of one product page design.

Avoid hiding any charges or other necessary details from your visitor. Putting all the relevant pieces on a single page makes them act quickly and convert them. Put the CTA (Call-To-Action) button closer to the price and visuals of the product with a contrasting color. 

In this way, most visitors tend to stay longer on your landing page and have higher chances of converting them. And they may even browse other products on your website.

Use Countdown Timer

You can slip a countdown timer wherever you need to in landing pages on your website. If you want to boost sales of your product or service in a limited time, then using a countdown timer is highly recommended. It makes your visitor an instant buyer of your product. Or at least, makes them stay on the page and think seriously of buying the product or service. 

How? It gives less time to the user and acts quickly to get the product. Given that the page is well designed, the timer and CTA have contrast colors.

This approach is widely used and has been successful for seasonal sales. In fact, once the visitor is turned into your consumer, you can add them to your emailing list by putting a pop-up message for future sales. This will help you in building a long-term relationship with your consumers.

Make the Landing Page Trustworthy

All information on your landing page must be credible and explain the product or service using easy-to-understand words. Keep your target audience in your mind and understand their level of understanding of the product or service. Try to add a context that makes it easier for the visitor to transit from already known information to new or unique information about the product.

Another thing that you can add to your landing page is consistently placing your contact information. It signals the visitors that the brand is honest and credible. They can trust your website to get products as they find it easy to talk to you.

You can follow this approach with a Chabot for working hours and an email for non-working hours. This is the best way to make direct contact with your target market. It lets you build a personalized and credible relationship with your customers.

Allow Visitors to Share On Social Media Platform

Adding a way or feature to share the link of your landing page either on social media or any other platform gets more organic visitors to your website. This allows you to benefit from the Word-Of-Mouth marketing technique. The upshot of this move for the longer term is it can lower your CPC (cost-per-click) over time. 

Also, it lets you know which social platform would be more effective for your product or service. That is, from where you can make a large consumer base for your product or service. Because targeting all social media platforms at once is not possible. Instead, it might waste your time and marketing budget.

For instance, you’ll find tons of geeks on Reddit discussing Web Hosting pros and cons. So, it’s wise for you to add a share button on your landing page for the Reddit site. Similarly, you’ll find a lot of people discussing clothing brands on Instagram or TikTok. So, adding a button to share your product or service on these sites would be a great move to get your target market.

Keep A/B Testing and Ongoing Optimization

Indeed, landing pages are the best way to convert visitors into your consumers. But which of your landing pages are most effective? You can find this through testing features. Try multiple designs using the testing tools and guidance provided by Google. 

You can conduct pilot testing using a draft design of the landing pages by testing them with a smaller group of people from your target market. Then observe the procedure and take their reviews about it. After analyzing the result, go with the most profitable one. That is, a design that converts the consumers at a higher rate will let you gain more profit through your landing pages. 

Also, the optimization process is ongoing. You’ll need to optimize and change the design of your landing pages from time to time. As the search engine algorithm updates every day while the people’s choices too. 

FAQs about Optimizing a Landing Page for Google Ads

Still, got some questions? Here are a few of them answered:

What is a campaign in Google Ads?

A campaign is a collection of ad groups that share targets, other settings, and budgeting. It helps in testing campaigns with multiple ads.

What makes a good landing page experience?

Good landing page experience consists of actual and appropriate content that is easy to navigate with transparency in business with clients. Easy to navigate shows that the landing page is good to use and instantly offers all required information.

Why is landing page optimization important for Google Ads?

Landing page optimization plays a vital role for Google Ads because it calculates the score of quality of your Google Ads. The quality score will be high when you choose more appropriate keywords for your landing page. 

Wrapping Up

If the landing pages are optimized cleverly, they can have high conversion rates. This helps you to get organic traffic on your site. And when you have more traffic, you are more likely to get Google ads on your landing pages.

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